Thursday, March 20, 2008

Peasant Waitress

This is my Peasant Waitress character. She was originally designed to be Nos' "love" interest. Being an object of a vampires desire, I gave her a long swan-like neck. The exaggerated proportions were a throw back to a favorite game of mine called "Under the Skin" by Capcom.
The topology was based closely on Mayan Escalante's low-poly Gnomon series.

This model is a first in many ways for me. It was actually my first game character I ever modeled. Now fast-forward about 3 years and it's my first fully textured model as well!

The cartoony design really dictated how I decided to handle the texture painting. It's 100% hand-painted. I chose mostly primary colors for my palate to keep the look simple yet bold.


The mesh with Apron comes to:
- 2204 quads
- 2058 verts
- 4010 tris
- one 2048 x 2048 texture map

Software used:
-Maya 6.5
-Headus UVlayout
-Photoshop CS2
-Bodypaint 3D

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