Friday, March 21, 2008

Frank The Convict

So this is Frank. The Idea behind this character is that he's around 60 years old and just escaped from prison circa 1930. His clothing reflects typical southern prison uniforms from that time. I wanted an easily readable silhouette. I chose to counter balance the simplified design with heavy sculpted detail. The hair design reflects Franks' love of Cigars, Similar to a puff of smoke.

Software used:

Maya 8
Z Brush 3.1, Mudbox

1 comment:

mim said...

Hey Stephen,
really great blog buddy, I just found you have one from your recent post on CGS blog! and I'm really glad to find here!

about Frank, I feel really like him! really great character you did here dude! all thing is great;
I like specially the whole style;

keep up here good works buddy
I will subscribe to here so! just like your gallery on CGS! ;)

Cheers, mim